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Need a quick and easy way to get rid of your junk? The 3-yard dumpster is great for all your smaller projects.

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3-yard dumpster overview

Looking for a small dumpster to rent? The 3-yard dumpster is commonly seen outside restaurants or apartment complexes. It is one of the smaller dumpsters available to rent and is a great choice if you're moving to a new home and have some junk you need to get rid of. The 3-yard dumpster can fit in most driveways and be easily maneuvered by hand with the bottom wheels attached. The 3-yard dumpster is easy to maneuver, fits in tight spaces, and is cost-effective for smaller projects!


5' H x 4' L x 6' W

*Actual dimensions may vary by location


The 3-yard dumpster can hold up to 1,000 lbs at full capacity.

Project types

  • Small junk removal projects
  • Yard waste
  • Restaurant and business junk
  • Parties and events
  • Household waste

What's included in a 3-yard dumpster rental?

We include 7-days in our standard rentals, drop off and pick up of the dumpster. For additional pricing information please request a quote or call to speak with one of our representatives 1-800-674-8227.

How big is a 3-yard dumpster?

A 3-yard dumpster measures a total of three cubic yards and the typical dimensions are 5' high x 6' wide x 4' deep. If you're curious about what a 3-yard dumpster looks like, take a look next time you visit the grocery store or restaurant.

These dumpsters are popular amongst commercial properties as they're easily maneuverable and easy to empty.

Although the 3-yard dumpster is usually the smallest size available to rent, it can hold between 500-1,000 lbs of debris.
There are approximately 200 gallons per cubic yard, meaning a 3-yard dumpster can hold approximately 600 gallons.

How much is it to rent a 3-yard dumpster?

Depending on where you live, a 3-yard dumpster can range anywhere from $100 - $300 per week to rent. Because the dumpster only holds a maximum of 1,000lbs there are generally no dump fees associated with the rental cost and therefore flat-rate fees (one-time charges) are applied to the rental.

Additional charges may be applied for hard-to-handle debris such as tree stumps and tires.

What is the smallest size dumpster to rent?

The 3-yard dumpster is typically the smallest size dumpster available to rent. Unlike roll off dumpsters, the 3-yard dumpster is delivered on a scout truck (similar to a pickup truck with forks installed). The dumpster is small enough to fit in most residential driveways and generally doesn't require permits to rent.

How many bags will a 3-yard dumpster hold?

Because most 3-yard dumpsters are frequently used at residential properties, a common measurement is the number of trash bags. A 3-yard dumpster can hold about 18-20 standard 30-gallon trash bags used in most households for waste disposal.

Why rent a 3-yard dumpster?

If you're wondering if the 3-yard dumpster is right for your project, we've outlined some benefits of going with a smaller dumpster vs. a roll off dumpster.

  • Easy maneuverability: besides its smaller dimensions, the 3-yard dumpster is very easy to maneuver. After all, it's a dumpster on wheels! If you're working in multiple spaces of your home (front yard, backyard, driveway, etc.) having the ability to move the dumpster
  • Fits in tight spaces: if your property has limited space for debris removal, a 3-yard dumpster can accommodate tight spaces like driveways, alleyways, parking garages, and curbside placement.
  • Cost-effective: as opposed to roll of dumpsters, the 3-yard dumpster is generally billed at a flat rate. If you're worried about dump fees and weight charges, you won't have to worry about those with this smaller-sized dumpster.