30-yard roll off dumpster rental

Choose the 30-yard dumpster if you're doing a larger home project or a smaller commercial project. Great for bulky items!

30-Yard Dumpster

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30-yard dumpster overview

The 30-yard dumpster is a mid to large-sized dumpster that works well for larger home projects like a full kitchen renovation or cleaning out larger spaces like a garage or entire residence. The 30-yard dumpster is a great choice if you need to dispose of a large amount of debris but might not have the space to fill a full-sized 40-yard dumpster.


5' H x 22' L x 7.5' W

*Actual dimensions may vary by location


The 30-yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of about 14 pickup truck loads or about 10 tons of debris when full.

Project types

  • Full kitchen or bathroom renovations
  • Entire home cleanouts
  • Office remodeling or cleanout
  • General junk removal and yard waste

What's included in a 30-yard dumpster rental?

We include 7-days in our standard rentals, drop off and pick up of the dumpster. For additional pricing information please request a quote or call to speak with one of our representatives 1-800-674-8227.

What is a 30-yard dumpster good for?

30-yard dumpster rentals are best suited for medium to large-sized home renovation projects, cleanouts, and smaller commercial jobs. While it's not the largest roll-off dumpster available in most cities, the 30-yard dumpster can handle large amounts of debris, and bulky items like couches, tables, and appliances, as well as most construction debris.

How many tons does a 30 cubic yard dumpster hold?

A 30-yard dumpster can accommodate about 8-10 tons of debris when fully loaded. Most customers use the 30-yard dumpster for residential projects which include carpeting, household junk, roofing, and drywall.

Why is it called a 30-yard dumpster?

Dumpsters derive their names from the volume of debris they can hold measured in cubic yards. For example, most 30-yard dumpsters measure 22 feet in length, 5 feet in height, and 7.5 feet in width. To get cubic yards you would multiply each of the dimensions and divide the total by 27 (cubic yards) which equates to (22 * 5 * 7.5) / 27 = approximately 30.