Dumpster Rental Permits


Dumpster rental permits are permits issued by the city public works or building departments to allow businesses and residents to rent or place their dumpsters in front of their home or office building or in a public right-of-way. While not all cities require permits, it's important to understand when and if you’ll need one before you rent a dumpster.

When to get your dumpster permit
You should always inquire about permit requirements prior to scheduling your dumpster rental.

This helps you not only avoid fines and citations but can also provide useful information to the company you're renting the dumpster from. For example, if the permit only allows for street parking, you’ll want to communicate where the dumpster will be placed with the dumpster rental company.

Depending on your location, some permits can take 24 hours and up to 2-weeks to acquire. It's a good idea to plan ahead so you can schedule your dumpster rental in accordance with your project timeline.

Why get a permit?
Depending on the city you’re renting a dumpster from, permits can help you avoid monetary fines, impoundment, and additional fees from the dumpster rental company. Additionally, acquiring necessary permits can prevent unexpected hold-ups on time-sensitive construction projects ensuring you have all the necessary approvals before you begin any work.

When you DO need a permit

  • Street or alleyway
  • Sidewalk
  • Parking lot
  • Shopping center
  • Public park
  • HOA neighborhoods

When you DO NOT need a permit

  • Residential driveway
  • Private property
  • Out of public sight

Have this information handy before you get your permit:

  • The company name you’re renting the dumpster from
  • Your name, phone number, and address where the dumpster will be located
  • Dates of the dumpster rental including delivery and pickup 
  • Placement of the dumpster (street side, driveway, etc.)


Do you need a permit to rent a dumpster?

Not all cities require customers to obtain a dumpster rental permit. However, it's always a good idea to review your city's public works website or call to inquire about permits prior to renting a dumpster.

How do I get a dumpster rental permit?

Dumpster rental permits are generally issued via your city’s public works department. You can easily find this information online by searching “dumpster rental permit” + your city (ie. “los angeles” in your browser. Some cities will allow you to acquire your permit online or by calling a phone number provided on the website.

How much is a permit for a dumpster?

Most dumpster rental permits cost between $10 and $50 per week depending on your area. While they’re not necessarily expensive on their own, be sure to include these costs when calculating the total for your dumpster rental. In some cases, where the dumpster is placed can factor into your weekly cost. For example, in some cities, placing the dumpster on private property costs less than placing it in the public right-of-way.