6 Projects You'll Need A Dumpster For

Do you need to rent a dumpster?

Whether you’re a professional contractor or homeowner completing a DIY project, there are many projects that result in a large amount of waste.

From concrete debris, yard waste, and unwanted furniture, the waste generated from the project can oftentimes be too much to handle with a trip to the local landfill in a pickup truck.

When this is the case, it may be worthwhile renting a dumpster to accommodate your unwanted junk and save you time and money. 

Office Clean Out

Office Clean Out

For many companies, 2020 has accelerated the work-from-home culture where employees can now log in to work from a home office. While some people may have already had a dedicated office space in their home, many have had to clear out old furniture and make space for their home offices. 

In conjunction, many corporate headquarters have canceled leases entirely as a result of this transition. As workers and companies make space for the new work-from-home culture, office

clean outs have risen dramatically over the past couple of years.

Garage Clean Out

Garage Clean Out

Garages are a breeding ground for clutter. From cardboard boxes to kid’s toys, miscellaneous items, and junk, many residential households are in constant need of a garage clean out.

We’ve written a complete guide to cleaning out your garage, but also provide a few tips below for reference.

  • Organize the garage into keep and discard piles
  • Dedicate a space for each type of item (ie. tools, storage, sports, equipment)
  • Rent a dumpster to get rid of the discarded items
Yard Waste Dumpster

Yard Clean Up

Are you resodding your lawn, removing trees and shrubs, or getting rid of an old wall in your yard? Yard clean ups are another popular case for renting a dumpster. 

However, you’ll want to consider the types of yard waste your getting rid of before calling your dumpster company. For example, for resodding, many people assume the debris type is “grass”. But sod oftentimes is underlined with a layer of dirt that quickly adds up in terms of overall weight. 

If you’re resodding, consider renting a lowboy dumpster. If you’re getting rid of a few trees, shrubs, and bushes, a standard roll-off dumpster might be your best choice.

Dumpster For Remodel

Remodeling A House

Are you planning to remodel your home, kitchen, or bathroom? Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, home remodeling projects often produce a ton of waste. From bathroom tiles and fixtures to drywall and other construction debris, most home remodeling projects will require you to rent a dumpster.

What size dumpster you choose will vary depending on the size of the project. For example, an entire home remodel will likely require at least one 40-yard dumpster

If you’re only working on a bathroom or single room in the home, you could get by with a

smaller 10-yard or 20-yard dumpster.

Before you begin work, check with your project manager or request a quote and gather information from your dumpster rental company to see which size would best suit your needs.

Redoing A Driveway

Most driveways are composed of concrete or other similar stone-like material. These inert materials like dirt, rock, and concrete are heavy and even in small amounts can be burdensome to dispose of.

If you’re redoing your driveway, you’ll need a dumpster to get rid of the old concrete and other materials. 

Lowboy dumpsters are specifically designed to handle such heavy loads. Lowboys are similar to other roll-off dumpsters but have lower walls that ensure the dumpster is not overloaded with weight.



Roofing is another common project which requires a dumpster rental. With the average roof measuring 2,000 - 3,000 square feet, old shingles and other roofing materials need a dedicated space to properly dispose of.

Depending on the size of the roof you’re working with, you’ll need to consider which dumpster size best accommodates your project. If you’re working with a tile roof, for example, you’ll want to consider renting a lowboy as these roofs often have cement scraps and are generally much heavier than wood roofs.

Most roofing projects require and 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster rental. This ensures plenty of room for the shingles without having to worry about overloading the dumpster or renting another one because you ran out of space.


Obviously, there are many more use cases for renting a dumpster and depending on the size of your project you may or may not need to rent one. 

If you have questions about whether or not you should rent a dumpster, give us a call at 1-800-674-8227. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you with any questions and getting you the right dumpster size.

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