Lowboy Dumpster Rental.

Are you disposing of brick, concrete, dirt, or other heavy materials? The lowboy dumpster is the perfect choice for these heavier loads. If you're not sure if a lowboy dumpster is a right choice for your next project, read on!

Lowboy Dumpster Rental

Why choose a lowboy?

Lowboys are similar to most roll-off dumpsters in terms of width and length. However, what distinguishes the lowboy from other dumpsters are the low walls - typically 2-3 feet high. This allows for easy access while loading the dumpster with heavier materials.

How big is a lowboy?

Most lowboys average around 2-3 feet high, 7-8 feet wide, and 14-18 feet in length. Of course, actual dimensions may vary by location, but their utility remains constant.

What materials can go in a lowboy?

If you're disposing of household junk, or doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the lowboy will likely be too small. This is mainly due to the lower walls. Because of this the lowboy is ideally suited for smaller but more dense materials like concrete, brick, tile, dirt, and sand.

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A Tip For You!

When renting a lowboy, be sure you're not disposing of multiple materials (ex. dirt, but not dirt and concrete) in a single load as this can rack up dump fees. Clean loads are often preferred and can save you money when renting a dumpster.

Lowboy Dumpster For Concrete

If you're working on a project that requires concrete removal we have the dumpster for you! Whether you're working on a home project like a patio or driveway, or a construction project, the 10-yard lowboy dumpster can easily accommodate your concrete disposal needs. The low-profile walls make it easy to load heavy chunks of concrete.

How much does 1-cubic yard of concrete weigh?

Depending on how you're disposing of the concrete, the weight of 1-cubic yard can vary significantly. For example, a concrete cubic yard slab will weigh approximately 4,000 lbs (or 2 tons) versus broken-up concrete which will weigh about 2,000 lbs (or 1 ton).

Lowboy Dumpster For Dirt

Do you have a large amount of dirt you need to get rid of? Whether you're clearing space in the backyard or leveling the foundation for a building project, our lowboy dumpsters are great for dirt disposal. With the lowboy, you won't have to worry about overloading fees!

How much does 1-cubic yard of dirt weigh?

The weight of 1-cubic yard of dirt will vary by how much moisture it currently holds. For example, 1-cubic yard of dry dirt will weigh about 2,000 lbs (or 1 ton) while moisture saturated dirt can weigh in close to 3,000 lbs (or 1.5 tons).

How To Rent a Lowboy Dumpster

If you're looking for a lowboy dumpster rental near you, first consider the types of materials you're disposing of. Since most lowboy dumpsters are between 2' - 3' high, they will not accommodate larger items like furniture or larger jobs like household clean outs.

Disposing of inert materials?

Lowboy dumpsters are primarily used for inert materials like dirt removal, concrete removal, brick removal, and tile removal.

Renting a lowboy dumpster

We offer a variety of lowboy sizes (depending on the city and state your job is located). Our lowboys come in 8-yard, 10-yard, and 12-yard variations. While the total volume may vary by location, all our lowboys can handle your job!

How much is it to rent a lowboy?

Lowboy pricing will vary by location. However, if you're disposing of clean loads (like concrete only, or dirt only) most pricing will be a simple flat rate for the load. Mixed loads (like dirt and yard waste) are generally charged on a per-ton basis similar to other roll-off dumpster sizes.

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